A single dashboard to manage hotel sales from all online & offline channels.

A single, comprehensive database enables a real-time view of your entire business. Deliver innovative guest services, generate additional revenues and quickly react to market dynamics quickly.

Centralized Inventory Management

Jini Hub centralizes the management of inventory, rates and pricing, multimedia content, your website and more. With so many core functions available in one place, the economy of scale in terms of time is clear.

Central Rate Management

Jini Hub CRS supports multiple currencies Languages and is browser agnostic – we won’t stand in the way of your global expansion plans.

Travel Agent Management

It Gives you a multi-access reservations system, allows agents and corporates to communicate via a common distribution language

Configure Credit Limit and Deposit

Jini Hub allows you to increase booking conversion through special offers and upselling, maximizing revenue generation for your organization.

Separate Invoice for Agents

Jini Hub consolidates commissionable transactions for different Agents, so that you can make one single payment each month.
“We love the Booking engine, they rightly call it intelligent Booking engine and we use it here daily. It is definitely one of the best time saving softwares we have used since a very long time.”

Gaurav Malhotra

Deputy Manager | Postcard Hotel