Simplify your Hotel Distribution with 300+ OTAs

Maximise Global and Local exposure, Seamlessly integrate with over 300+ Booking Channels. Boost sales productivity by 36%.

Increase in Revenue
Distribution Channels
Booking Revenue/Year
Increase in Bookings

Watch the video to see how a Jini Hive can help your property.

Connect your rooms and rates to all channels at One Place

Get real-time sync with over 300+ OTAs, such as,, TripAdvisor and many more.

Seamless Inventory and Rate Change

Broaden both your marketing and distribution strategy and Save time by updating your rates and Inventory in just a few clicks.

Maximize your Visibility

Connect to local OTAs and global channels to ensure you attract travellers no matter where they are booking their accommodation.

An Intuitive Dashboard that drives insight

We bring you a Dashboard which is most friendly for you to use. Take full control of how you sell rooms.

The Dashboard lets you visualize every channel performance reports with detailed Insights, so that you can identify booking trends and make smarter pricing and distribution decisions
best channel manager for hotels

More than just a Channel Manager
Lets talk about features.

Dynamic pricing

Sell the right Room to the Right Client at the Right Moment at the Right Price.

Derived pricing

The derived rates allow for more flexible prices based on your Existing standard rate

Weekend price setup

Set up your high demand days (weekends) and low demand days (weekdays) - or vice versa, depending on the location.

Secure Log Management

To ensure the security of your hotel data, Jini Hive maintains an audit log that traces all the changes and revisions made in the system.

Automate PMS sync

Use pooled inventory to communicate between Booking Engine and your PMS in real-time

Reservation Notification

Jini Hive can instantly send emails to your customers on your behalf upon every Booking.

More than 3000+ Hotels Trust Bookingjini

Driving technology for leading brands
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Why choose Jini Hive?

Manage all OTAs through a single platform. Extensive functionality includes bulk rate and inventory updates, room mapping, competitor analysis, room linkage, booking updates, allocation alerts, reports & analytics. Basically, it makes it easy for hotels to sell their rooms on 100s of Online Platforms while maintaining rate parity and also avoiding overbookings.
Our Jini Hive is loaded with exceptional features such as bulk updates, roll-over updates, 0 downtime and so on. You can use pooled inventory to communicate between Booking Engine and your PMS in real-time.
Yes. Jini Hive Channel Manager Mobile App comes along with the subscription of our hotel channel management system