Alternative Accomodation

Alternative accommodation can be simply defined as consisting of all those types of accommodation which are available outside the formal or organised accommodation sector. We may consider this as an alternative any form of accommodation that is different from that which is generally accepted as tourist accommodation. At any tourist destination, the concept of alternative accommodation carries additional importance both to the tourists as wells as tourism professionals. In most of the tourist places along with Star Classification hotels, there are a hefty amount of establishments that come under the groupof alternative accommodation. These establishments provide bed and breakfast and some basic amenities required by tourists at a reasonable price. There is a large section of tourists who cannot afford to stay in star category hotels. Hence, alternative accommodation provides them sleeping space and modest food. The establishment of such facilities in a third world country lie India is not evolutionary or organic. Their development is generally linked with demand. In the following Section, we will introduce you to various forms of alternative accommodation that have emerged as per the demand.