Apartment Hotel OR Aparthotel

What is the definition of Apartment Hotel or Aparthotel?

Also recognized as a Residential Hotel or Extended Stay Hotels; an apart hotel is a kind of hotel that has long-term accommodation for guests, but may still have hotel amenities like maintenance and on-site dining. Apartment hotels generally comprise a filled kitchen and one or more bedrooms.

The distinction between these hotels and apartments is that there is no monthly promise. If a guest wants to check out, they do not need to give note to the hotel, like you would with an apartment rental. This also allows visitors to book these hotels for a longer period of time without obligation or the getting of a high priced bill known from conventional hotels.

With an apartment hotel visitors may be allowed to examine a room, before they reserve since they will be in stay for a longer time. There are presently 27 extensive stay chains in North America with at least 7 hotels. Over 2,000 hotels, they are devoted to this niche market.