Artificial Intelligence

Ever since the artificial intelligence scheme has snuck into the hotel industry, the hotel sector is abuzz with AI’s ability to learn about customers using its data analytics that helps hotel staff to create a better decorum of customers. With utilizing the full potential of AI software, they can capture a gamut of information about: • Customer Purchases • Travel choices • Journey patterns and itinerary • Location preferences • Hotel rating inquiries • Payment methods The knowledge gathered can therefore further be translated into providing discerning experience to hotel guests as they travel, ask, stay and enjoy the luxurious hotel amenities. With every new day, hotel industries have come to realize that in-depth customer service with properly harnessed customer insight is the best key to increase brand value. This is why we have started see a uprise in mature-service hotels where consumers are not only regaled with hotel’s interior charm but are also equally satisfied with real-looking AI robot concierge service.