Bed Nights

What is the definition of Bed Nights within the hotel industry?

Bed Nights may be a measurement term used in the hospitality industry. It permits key insights that other dimensions oversee and its key in every Revenue Management Strategy. How to calculate Bed Nights?

Total number of beds taken by a person/ total number of beds available = Bed Night

Take for instance a hotel with 50 rooms – each room has two Beds. Therefore, the hotel features a total of 100 beds available for each night. Now visualize your hotel has 50 people staying for an evening. These 50 persons could, if each books their own room occupy 100%, making full occupancy of your hotel. But, on the contrary they might also only inhabit 50%, or a composition (ranging from 50% to 100%). rather than scheming occupancy percentage (Occ. Rooms/ Total Rooms available = Occ %) – you’ll therefore calculate Bed Nights %. Letting you an insight in how your hotel is working on Bed occupancy. So why do that?