What is the definition of Camping in the hotel industry?

Camping is a expression initially used to explain the action of spending overnight in a tent. Normally camping takes place in the in the open in remote places away from common civilization. Since its courteous start in the 19th century camping has evolved to also have as a feature other forms of overnight stays, besides nights spent in a tent

Today camping can explain the activity of staying in a tent, bungalow, camper vans, clamping tents and camping capsules etc. on a campsite.

It can thereby differ greatly in research. Some survival campers set out with the smallest amount possible gear to challenge themselves to survive in “the wild”. While other campers come equipped with gas, electricity, heating, warm showers television and internet.

Camping can be done all over the year and almost all over the world. Especially when dedicated towards outdoor tourism, camping is a favored type of lodging.