What is the definition of Channels in the hotel industry?

A term that refers to Distribution Channels and that explains the diverse methods / platforms buy which / in which bookings for a hotel are made. A Channel can be a hotel’s booking engine, a direct phone reservation or a particular watercourse of income such as a 3rd party website, an OTA, etc.

Keeping track of channels is important in order to maximize marketing and income. For example, if you are conscious that your main channel of bookings is Voice, you may want to hub on that, giving your reservation manager a exact phone call training, hire extra call centre agents, commence precise campaigns and / or invest in your phone technology.

Expanding Channels is also essential for hotels in order to make the most of potential sales. Through diversification hotels can reach a large demographic / clientele. Having numerous channels can be helpful in low seasons when bookings need to be pressed. At the same time, a key to achievement is to have the RIGHT Channels and to manage them correctly!