Children Policy

What is the definition of Children Policy in the hotel industry?

The expression children’s policy, refers to the terms that subsist for children on the hotels grounds. Every hotel or hotel chain usually has their own policy, depending on the services it presents and who its goal market is, and it may vary very much by continent and country. Concerning the rooms, the children policy usually offers lower rates for children up to a sure age as they do not need their own rooms and are gladly hosted in a cot, or additional bed in the parents room. Concerning the grounds, in the case of family hotels or family resorts, strategy might be very lenient – allowing children to roam free throughout the grounds and play everywhere in the building, without the mistake of their parents. Though some areas might be barred, but must be affirmed clearly in the children’s policy in order to avoid accountability. The pool area for example and gymnasium are often out of limits for children without regulation, due the hazards that they pretense for a child are so serious.