Competitive Set

A competitive set contains of a collection of hotels by which a property can relate itself to the group’s collective performance. There must be a least of four hotels in any competitive set, deprived of the subject hotel. To protect exclusive data, a solo hotel or brand cannot exceed 50% of the competitive set. A single hotel company (i.e. Marriot brands, Choice brands, etc.) may only comprise 70% of the competitive set room stock.

What kind of hotels to put in your Competitive Set?

A hotel in any certain area will not necessarily contest with all the hotels in that area for the same sources of request. For a hotel market learning, it is necessary to determine which hotels contest with the subject hotel and to what step, and it is similarly important to remove those hotels that are not opposing for the same claim. To this end, all the housing facilities in a market area should be examined and analysed in order to sustenance the selection of the appropriate competitive set.