Country House Hotel

What is the definition of Country House Hotel in the hotel industry?

Country house hotels is a expression used to explain a precise type of lodging in the hotel industry. As the name utters a country house hotel, is a hotel located in the country side, which shows more as a home than as a hotel. Country house hotels thereby distinguish themselves from ordinary hotels  provided that a more local and intimate understanding. Being situated in a non-generic house can ring a bell guest more of a being in a home than a hotel. This type of housing permits guest to practice a country from a more local viewpoint.

As such country house hotels are usually more widespread at a small scale, where they permit highly personalized services. Positioned in the countryside, guest are able to treat in a more conventional lifestyle with many activities presented being experiences representative of the surrounding.

While some country house hotels only present a basic nights stay, with a roaring fire, beverages and some simple dishes, country house hotels have evolved to comprise SPAs, restaurants and abundance of activities.