What is the definition of Demand in the hotel industry?

By Demand, we signify the rank of consumer’s interest and need: demand for beds, demand for family rooms, demand for conferencing, event room, suitable for renting scuba diving gear… Demand for goods and amenities can alter a little, or a lot! For example, hotels in Austria’s Tyrol will practice a noticeable amplification in demand for rooms throughout the max out skiing season, but during the low term demand could be worryingly small. Usually, prices amplify as demand develops, and vice versa. A demand calendar is something critical for your income management strategy and it will also help you make informed pricing decisions based on solid data and signs. Recognize all events that blow your demand. Positive or negative demand producers must be recognized. Once rationalized, a demand calendar should not sleep. It should be modernized every time you recognize an event impacting your demand… that means one modernization a week at least! Other significant rudiments to consider are school and back holidays in your market of orientation.