Direct Booking

The tradition of guests booking, whether online, via phone reservations or other outlets, that deal directly with a hotel corporation or property and not a third-party like a GDS or OTA.

Here are a few reasons direct bookings are so valuable to a hotel:

  • Guest loyalty
    As you know, keeping a current consumer is much cheaper than discovering a new one. During a direct booking, you can gather the visitor details you need to send some post-stay ideas, reminding the guest how wonderful it was to have them stay at your hotel and to welcome them back anytime. It also enables to run campaigns only to guests who have stayed before.
  • Guest feedback
    Someone who books with your hotel directly is making a far more active choice than an OTA booker, and is more likely to be from your target market and connect with the values of your property. This will lead to more consistent and positive review scores for your business.
  • Data
    The more data your hotel has on a guest, the more personalised you can make their experience each time they come to your hotel. This data is best collected via immediate relationship that starts with a guest exploring your property’s offering.
  • Less commission
    The most common factor hotels reference is that direct bookings don’t require a commission fee to be paid to an OTA. This will let you keep 15-25% more revenue on each booking.