Direct Sales

What is the definition of Direct Sales?

The term Direct Sales refers to the income made in the key Hotel Market Sections using a Direct channel : authorized hotel website, phone, email, live chat or communicating solutions… which does not involve the payment of any fees or payment to a Travel Agency.

This can be attained by classifying customers according to their inborn & ordinary characteristics or their requirements and wants, which is necessary for generating a marketing plan, as it allows the description of a possible target market. Through knowing the target market a hospitality corporation can customize its services and goods more exactly to meet the target’s preferences.

For marketing purposes it is normal to cluster the people making up the target market into quite a few segments according to their inherent and ordinary characteristics such as character, interests, age, gender, income, occupation, geographical position etc. In the earlier period Marketers had usually focused on demographic sections such as age, gender earnings, occupation and geographic positions. As Marketing has become more consumer centric, Marketers now lean to think psychographic distinctiveness such as collective personality traits, beliefs, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles and other factors as well, when categorizing  their market segments.