Eco Lodge

What is the definition of Eco Lodge in the hotel industry?

The term eco lodge states to a type of lodging located in an isolated destination in nature.

Generally, eco lodges are prepared with less than 30 rooms. They are planned to have minimal influence on the environment and to be as supportable as possible in their convention of resources. Furthermore, they aim to improve the wellbeing of the local people by supporting local providers and workers.

Eco Lodges in contrast to eco hotels and green hotels, are situated further away from civilisation. They target eco-tourists, by presenting a nature-based practice. Often, they are not wedged by noise, traffic, smog or contamination. Furthermore, to increase the experience and create awareness for the environment, many eco-lodges have entrée to guides who are trained in biology or have substantial knowledge of the habitat. They thereby consent guests unique insights into the nearby habitat. In recent years Eco Lodges have been rising in popularity due the trend towards sustainability.