FAM Trip

What is the definition of FAM Trip in the hotel industry?
The word FAM stands for Familiarization. The Tours – usually known as FAM Trips – are trips planned by travel providers (can be a Tour Operator, an Airline, a Hotel Chain, a Tourism Board or other DMOs representing a Destination, etc.) with the intention of enlightening about their products &amp services and endorsing them.
Usually it is committed to everyone who is concerned in the selling and promoting process of this particular merchandise/ property/ destination. It characteristically hosts travel agents and expedients, travel media (writers, journalists, bloggers) and other important players & partners.
Creating consciousness and at the same time networking and constructing relationships are the chief aims of a FAM trip.
FAM´s are very significant in the hotel industry. Basically saying if the travel agent knows and likes your property (and the location), he will book his clients into it. FAM´s are usually FOC (free of charge) or accessible at a concessed fee.