Food And Beverage Revenue (F&B)

Just as its name outlines, there are two main components in this operational department: food (food and non-alcoholic beverages) and beverage (alcoholic beverages). As dull and trivial as this difference may seem, it is very vital that each element is recorded separately to be properly tracked and benchmarked. Therefore, as per the USALI this department’s plan displays three individual streams of revenue: Food, Beverage, and Other. There are five sources of food revenue: venue, in-room room banqueting, banquet / conference / catering, mini bar, and other. Venue Food Revenue comprises the profits from selling food and non-alcoholic drinks in the property’s personal dining facilities, for example, restaurants, bakeries, snack shops, spas, among others. In-room Dining Food income refers to the sales that wants to be delivered to the guests’ rooms. Banquet / Conference / Catering Food Revenue refers to the sales in the property’s banquet rooms. The caveat here is that while the Banquet category is used for groups or individuals who are also occupying guestrooms, the Catering designation is used for the ones who are not hotel guests. Mini Bar Food Revenue includes sales of packaged items (soft drinks, bottled water, candy, snacks) that are placed in the rooms for guests to purchase. Finally, Other Food Revenue comprises the sales of food and non-alcoholic beverages that are not included in any of the four previous categories.