GDS Marketing

What is the definition of GDS Marketing in the hotel industry?
We talk about GDS Marketing when a hotel is utilizing a GDS system. It is measured to be one of the most proficient and cost-effective ways of attainment to the travel agency spectators to make consciousness that will notify, position, and eventually endorse the hotel.
Furthermore it refers to the Marketing accepted on the GDS System. As the system features different distinctiveness from conventional sales systems, the marketing strategies have to be urbanized accordingly.
Hereafter some of the strategies:
• Rates and booking conditions – The rates are taken directly from the technological stage. Circumstances must be clear and comprehensible.
• Marketing Messages – Those mail appear to the agent during the booking process. It is crucial that these are optimized to advance the endorsement of the hotel.
• Promotion on GDS- There are a variety of targeted publicity to promote the hotel on GDS
• Choice of partner Consortia – To optimize sales the hotel can choose Consortia it will function with and describe the rates and circumstances.