Heads In Beds

What is the definition of Heads in Beds in the hotel industry?

Of course, any hotel’s plan is to maximize profits. The best method to do this is to create as many bookings as achievable. When conversing the level of tenancy of hotel rooms, staff will habitually use the word: Heads in Beds.

Yes, like most other businesses, the Hospitality industry has its very own language, with Heads in Beds being a very ordinary expression. Some hotels even have a little called a Heads in Beds Strategy, which forms part of their largely plan.

A Heads in Beds plan can be local, regional, national or beyond national:

A Local Heads and Beds Strategy: trade as many hotel room bookings as possible to the local inhabitants. This generally occurs in areas where a hotel is motivated to forge a status as ‘the best hotel in town’ – the first option for local people who would maybe take pleasure in all night or weekend hotel stay irregularly, at a location close to home (to get a break from washing the dishes, perhaps!).