What is the definition of Hostel in the hotel industry?

The word Hostel explains an organization that provides low-cost food and accommodation for people, such as students, workers, or budget travelers. Hostels, often provide communal accommodation, hosting quite a few people in one room. Other facilities such as bathrooms, kitchens and living areas are also usually shared with other guests.

While youth hostels, specially aim the younger section, hostels are more often  open to all ages. Being destined for low-budget travellers, a lavishness such as privacy is not frequently found. On the opposite the surroundings facilitates a more social way of travelling. It allows guests to enclose themselves with other travellers, therefore being a favored lodging type of solo travellers/ backpackers. Hostels can be found in approximately every country, city and are one of the simplest forms of lodging in the hospitality business.