Hotel Details (HOD)

What is the definition of HOD in the hospitality industry?

HOD stands for the Hotel Detail or Hotel Description in the GDS. It just means the expressive substance of the property which the system is filled with.

The GDS is a important foundation of reservations and income for hotels, many agents use it to look for and book hotels and also many OTA websites use the GDS for record. Therefore it is crucial to have your HOD exhibited in the best potential way.

The Hotel GDS Description (HOD) acts as the hotel’s electronic booklet. We can even say it is the hotel’s most significant sales tool in the electronic distribution channels. It usually includes data like: property explanation, hotel services, local attractions etc.

Here some tips how to perk up your HOD:

  • General hotel portrayal – The short description include 2 lines à 47 characters. Since you don’t have much room, sum up the USPs of your hotel and aim your clients. The long explanation contains 4 lines à characters – don’t copy-paste your short description but write additional information.
  • Amenities, Facilities and Services – Make sure they are all listed. Give sufficient restaurant information, safety and protection is also significant.
  • Location Information – Explain the hotel’s exclusive position. Focus on what you are really close to only. Make certain your GEO coding (longitude and latitude) is correct. Index your hotel alongside any point of attention. Don’t disregard the airports with their airport codes.