Hotel Market Intelligence

What is the definition of Hotel Market Intelligence in the hotel industry?

The global hotel industry is huge. Keeping trail of changes, developments and in-market fashion is not something that can be attained in a disorganized way, therefore. To always stay abreast of market variation, hoteliers need to cautiously and thoroughly meet intelligence.

Hotel Market Intelligence is about much further than just information congregation. Data that is collected over time then needs to be cautiously assembled and forensically examined. After this, the next chronological process step is information broadcasting, where figures and other relevant and useful info is spread to a variety of departments of a hotel, or even to quite a few hotels that form part of a national or international sequence.

Gathered Hotel Market Intelligence can be best implicit and took in by receiver if it is offered in the form of a understandable report. The key reason of the report is to sum up the state of the hotel market overall at that time, before allowing for the future.