Independent Hotel

What is the definition of Independent Hotel in the hotel industry?

An Independent Hotel is a hotel that is autonomously owned and run. It doesn’t permit any other proprietors to employ its name / brand.

Mostly all of the hotels which are not related to a hotel sequence are considered ‘independent’. They might mark up to so called ‘voluntary chains’, meaning they stay independent but fix to the standards and prerequisites of a bigger brand. That way they profit from the marketing control of the big brand and it helps them to struggle against the chains..

The benefits of a hotel being autonomous are:

  • Flexibility: It can react to the changes and requirements of the market faster than a hotel belonging to a better chain. The reactivity and supremacy of conclusion limits financial losses and increase management tasks.
  • Changeable pricing policy permits quick and elastic decisions made in Yield and Revenue Management to familiarize yourself to the demand and the market manners and to boost the income.
  • Uniqueness! Every independent hotel has a diverse offer and also there are many types of autonomous hotels, such as Boutique, Luxury, Budget, Hostel, Design Hotel, etc. It can provide niche products and be targeted to a exact clientele. It offers an exclusive experience to the clients and therefore gratitude value.