Length Of Stay

What is the definition of Length of Stay in the hotel industry?

LOS stands for Length of Stay. Shape derived by dividing the number of room nights by the number of reservations.

When it comes to income management, LOS is a significant criteria. It can help extremely with the organizing and optimization of tenancy within a hotel.

There a diverse types of LOS, in fact.

Average Length Of Stay (ALOS)

This is used to guess the comparative values of a diversity of segments and to keep trail of hotel show in attracting and keeping guests in residence.

Some hotels have definite booking policies in place.

These can be used to influence booking factors when looking for to fill as many rooms as achievable.

One such policy is:

Minimum Length Of Stay (MinLOS)

MinLOS is executed when a hotel is in front of a high demand period, subsequent a lower one (a hectic time after a quiet time, in other words!).

A MinLos policy helps control reservations, meaning that short-stayers and last-minute one night stays are evaded.

Consequently this can get better the occupancy ratios on the subsequent days where there is perhaps low demand.

Closed to Arrival

This policy is intended/used when turning down new arrivals on a day of predictable high-demand, with only guests from earlier night stays being permitted to get through.