MinLOS – Minimum Length of Stay

A minimum length of stay strategy needs that a booking must be for at least a particular number of nights in order to be established. The benefit of this plan is that it allow the hotel to extend a relatively even occupancy outline. It is general for resorts to use this approach during highest occupancy periods. Hotels may also use it during particular events or high occupancy periods.

The use of minimum length of stay requirements is intended to keep an occupancy peak on one day from reducing occupancy on the days before and after the peak on one day from reducing occupancy on the days previous to and after the requirement, advantageous guests who don’t want to stay for the required time may decide to take their business somewhere else. This plan should only be useful when it will support extra business rather than aggravated guests. To make sure that the plan is working, managers can confirm defiance and regrets on a every day basis.

Minimum lengths of stay can be relevant with concession rates. For example, visitors may have to pay rack rates or shorter stays, but provided discounts for least lengths of stay.