No Show

What is the definition of No-Show in the hotel industry?

If a guest fails to attain on a positive date to accomplish a booking (as all so often happens!) and does not cancel; that does not essentially mean the hotel will drop money. No. Hotels can refuge themselves for this contingency by adding into their estimating structure something called a No-Show fee. That’s right, in the Hotel Industry, an individual who does not attain where and when they should at a hotel or motel, and makes no descriptive contact, is called a No-Show.

In fact, a No-Show can be someone who reaches on the decided date, but is hours late, making misperception (and possibly extra work for Reception staff!). Prior to the guest’s final arrival, staff would have wanted to know where the hotel stood with the respect to the booking. Although no hotel likes lost reservations, when a potential customer contacts them to withdraw a booking, the hotel at least knows where they stand. In this situation, the canceller may or may not be charged a cancellation fee, dependent upon hotel policy.