PNR – Passenger Name Record

What is the definition of PNR, in the hotel industry?

PNR abbreviates for: Passenger Name Record. It is generally used in the travel business and it’s essentially a ‘file’ in the catalog of the system (GDS or CRS/ PMS) which encloses information about a traveler (or a group of passengers traveling together) and his travel tactics (flight itinerary, hotel booking sections, car rental bookings, etc.).

This notion was first initiated by airlines that needed to swap reservation information in case passengers booked flights of numerous airlines to arrive at their destination.

As soon as a passenger books a journey, the travel agent or OTA will make a PNR in the CRS it uses. This is characteristically one of the GDS but if the booking is made straight on a hotel website the PNR can also be in the record of the hotel’ CRS.

PNR discloses all type of individual data like corporation, activities, tastes & preferences, credit card details, phone numbers, email addresses & IP addresses. All that allows them to be simply merged with economic and communications metadata.

PNRs are profitable records though they are also used by governments (i.e. to decide whether a passenger is allowed to fly).