Revenue Management

What is the definition of Revenue Management in the hotel industry?

Running a successful hotel does not simply involve selling as many rooms as potential in any given trading gear, in a kind of haphazard first-come-first-served way with a ‘hope for the best’ environment neighboring things. No. The key to attain continued achievement in the Hospitality Industry is to be solid working, prearranged and to work to a well-orchestrated policy formulated and managed by qualified professionals.

Amongst the most significant staff members at any hotel are the revenue management group: professionals who know how to sell:

  • the right room,
  • to the right client,
  • at the right moment,
  • for the right price, and
  • on the right distribution channel (i.e. the one with the best commission efficiency!).

Excellent revenue management can also help forecast and inspire customer demand, and to optimize record and price accessibility in order to make the most of profits, not only at times of elevated interest but also through low periods (when a coastal resort or skiing hotspot is out of season, for example).

Flexibility is necessary

captivating a long-term view is always finest, with forecasting being immensely powerful in the productive adjusting of revenue management strategies. Adopting a flexible open-minded approach to revenue management is also vital in an industry where new trends often appear; particularly in general customer behavior and the way in which citizens everywhere purchase holidays and make hotel reservations across diverse distribution channels.