Selected Services

What is the definition of Selected Services in the hotel industry?

Select-service properties are a mixture of full-service hotels and limited service hotels. As the name states, choose service properties, select their services – thereby only providing services which equal the objective markets requirements. Most select service hotels drop into the three star categorization.

Select services hotel industry is the best growing section in the hospitality industry. Select service hotels initially only offered very limited services, many didn’t have a bistro or a bar and if they did the bar was time and again run by the reception. Today, much has altered and the hotel offers both bars, restaurants and at times even room service. The products and services offered though are usually modified towards budget cognizant travelers, thereby offering a rather limited, low price collection of products and services.

The selection of services often leads to more reasonably priced hotels. Furthermore, clienteles also are therefore able to decide a hotel which provides only the services which they are going to eat. In contrast to a full service hotel, at which guests sometimes pay for services they never need or utilize.