Sell Through

What is the definition of Sell Through in the hotel industry?

A hotel’s booking system can comprise many tools. One of these is called a Sell Through.

A Sell Through will permit a hotel anyplace in the world to put into practice a control that will allow a request for an extensive stay reservation to be booked during sold-outs nights. So, if a family from Croatia staying at a Turkish hotel are enjoying themselves so much that they wish to stay for longer than they originally intended or originally booked for, a Sell Through tool can be utilized to make this feasible.

Sell Through can be a very useful and valuable option for hotels seeking to confine extended stay business and room tenancy on shoulder dates. What’s more, Sell Through can be involuntarily set in motion whenever a hotel applies a close-out date.

The Sell Through characteristic consists of two numbers:

1) The amount of rooms you have to sell through the shut out date, and

2) The minimum number of nights you will agree to.