Shoulder Date

What is the definition of Shoulder Date in the hotel industry?

Sometimes a hotel can make additional revenue by selling rooms on Shoulder Dates; these are mostly dates that fall very close to other elevated demand dates. For example, a couple decides to treat themselves to a luxury break at a lavish rural hotel. Their reservation is for the last Friday and Saturday night in August. But they profit from themselves so much that they wish to lengthen their stay by another night, the Sunday. This would be a Shoulder Date booking, simply because it falls right next to/immediately after the other pre-booked dates.

At small and large hotels across the world, most shoulder date reservations tend to happen before and after a high demand date, or numerous ones.

Note: Generally, shoulder dates are next to full or very compacted dates. If a Tuesday and Wednesday are forecasted to be sold out, and Thursday is not, Thursday would be measured a shoulder date in that example.