Shoulder Season

What is the definition of Shoulder Season in the hotel industry?

A hotel’s booking season that is among high season and low season. Shoulder seasons have fewer crowds, but have some of the same compensation of peak seasons, like whether, attractions and amenities. Shoulder seasons generally occur a month or two before or after high season.

Unlike low season, where the weather conditions might be adverse and shops may be closed, shoulder seasons offers guests many perks that are anticipated in high season times at a reduced cost. It also allows guests to know-how the region or hotel with less crowds. Some regions also host events and festivals in shoulder seasons to draw visitors.

On the other hand, shoulder seasons may not have great weather conditions like peak season and may have less visitor attractions. In some areas it is common to have reduced operating hours of establishments and museums as of the lower demand.

Shoulder seasons occur in a different way depending on the region and tourist magnetism