Ski Resort

What is the definition of Ski Resort in the hotel industry?

Ski Resorts are towns and villages in winter exercise areas, offering sustain services for skiing and snowboarding such as accommodation (hotels and chalets), gear rental, ski schools and ski lifts.

Ski Resorts can be in/ near towns or villages located in propinquity to the ski area (mountains, pistes, ski trails, ski lift system) or they can be situated in ski areas located away from towns. In that case a Ski Resort is purpose – construct where skiing is the major doing and is a co called fully self-sufficient ‘destination resort’ (the resort is a destination itself).

Some Ski Resorts are built on the slopes themselves, with ski-in/-out admission allowing guests to ski precise up to the door.

Ski Resorts time and again present other activities and facilities, like snowmobiling, sledding, horse-drawn sleds, dog-sledding, ice-skating, indoor or outdoor swimming, hot tubbing, game rooms, clubs, cinema, theaters and cabarets. A significant type of amusement in Ski Resorts is après-ski – a meeting of skiers at bars after the day on the pistes (often while still wearing their ski gear). Entertainment be a significant booking factor, since guests are usually browsing for an après-ski offer when probing for Ski Resorts.