Soft Brands

What is the definition of Soft Brand?

The word soft brand is a term used in hotel industry that explains a hotel franchise or chain company. This institution, in comparison to other hotel franchises or hotel chains offers the profits of a larger chain devoid of enforcing strict rules, regulations or a tough brand uniqueness on the franchisor or chain member.

The associate hotels are arranged branded distribution, sales and marketing, CRS and loyalty systems in exchange for royalties and franchise fees. These soft brands offer individual hotels the opportunity to affiliate with major hotel chains while keeping their unique design, name and orientation.

These soft brand hotels are usually hotels that are historic or have enough history that it would hurt the hotels reputation to change it to a large chain name like a Marriot or a Hilton rather than its original name.

At one time a famous example of a soft brand hotel would have been Best Western because they had often confident their members to extend their exclusive brand identity. In this case they wanted the hotels to be part of Best Western not just a Best Western in a exact area.