Spa Hotels

What is the definition of Spa Hotels in the hotel industry?

A Spa Hotel is a hotel with the main reason of providing character amenities and treatments for Spa seeking clients, with a focal point on health.

In the past many Spas were urbanized at the site of usual hot springs or sources of mineral waters. Over a stay period in a Spa Hotel (or Spa Resort), such facilities offer a complete program that comprises spa services, physical health activities, wellness learning, healthy cooking and particular interest programming.

A Spa Hotel in general offers comfortable spa facilities, makeable spa treatments (massages, facials and body treatments) explicit to that Spa/ Hotel only and a elevated level of amenities and customer service (luxurious brand of Spa products and cosmetics, private leadership during the Spa, tea service, etc.). Spa Hotels generally suggest facilities like steam, sauna, fitness facilities, and a swimming pool. Some Spa Hotels might present work out classes or a opportunity to employ a private trainer a yoga teacher or a nutritionist. Often it is not only the Spa itself which is luxurious and proposed with a precise Wellness-Style, but it is also the rooms which are ornamented accordingly. It is all about rest and relaxation. Fine dining restaurants is also an important factor of a Spa/ Wellness Hotel. The food presented has to match a strong lifestyle.