Time Per Table Turnaround

What is the definition of Time per Table Turnaround in the hotel industry?

The term, Time per Table Turnaround refers to a metric used to assess the time it takes a consumer assembly utilizing a table/ space from the instant they sit down to the moment they paid the bill and go away.

In total income management and the restaurant industry it becomes significant to calculate this indicator. With a restaurant that makes low income per consumer it is in the restaurants interest to decrease the time each consumer spends in the restaurant. If not you may be left with a full restaurant and consumers come to stay for many hours after only having one or two drinks.

To compute Time per Table Turnaround it is significant to first know what period of the day you would like insights into. For example the time through breakfast, lunch and dinner differs very much depending on restaurant menu, location and many other factors. Therefore, first decide a period.

Thereafter you must tally all the groups of consumer occupying a table (parties) that are at your restaurant through set period. Therefore you must separate the number of parties divided by the quantity of tables. If you know administer to serve 100 parties at your restaurant in one hour through lunch and you have 50 tables – your time per table turnaround is 30 min (1/2 hour) per table.