Travel Agent

What is the definition of Travel Agent in the hotel industry?

Travel Agent is an individual whose job it is to organize travel for end clients (individuals, groups, corporations) on behalf of dealers (hotels, airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, railways, travel insurance, package tours). His task is to make simpler the travel planning procedure for their consumers in addition to providing discussion services and whole travel packages.

An Agent can be self-employed, work for an self-governing travel agency, or be part of a Travel Agency Consortia. Travel agents may concentrate in free time, business and/ or other niche travel markets. They may be generalists or specialists (i.e. dedicate yourself to in cruises, adventure travel, conventions and meetings.). The agents typically receive a 10 to 15% commission from lodging, transportation corporations and attractions for coordinating the booking of travel.

Although booking a hotel/ a trip etc. through a Travel Agent saves time, nowadays the number of Travel Agencies is declining due to the tough online occurrence of the suppliers (hotels, airlines…) themselves. OTAs are the (new) online form of a Travel Agency.

Using a Travel Agent is beneficial for consumers who plan multi-destination and/ or worldwide trips. Booking through an agent saves time and ‘headaches’. The knowledge and consultancy comes from ‘one hand’ – the agent who merge all the travel apparatus and services for the client/ traveler. Often agents also set out of unpublished deals and activities which is helpful for the traveler.