Virtual Reality

A common use of virtual reality equipment within the hotel industry are virtual reality hotel tours. These tours can be made accessible on hotel websites, permitting guests or potential guests to take a look at their hotel room, or other shares of the hotel, before they book or before they attain.

While these tours are best skilled with a VR headset, they can also hypothetically be made obtainable to those without entrée to a headset on social media sites like Facebook, using its 360 video technology.

Example: Atlantis Dubai Virtual Tour

Virtual Booking Processes

Finally, one of the more interesting uses of VR technology in recent times has been the formation of virtual reality booking procedures. This has newly been put into action by corporations like Amadeus, permitting customers to look for flights, compare hotel prices and book rooms over a virtual reality headset.

The potential for this has not yet been fully discovered, but it is easy to see how this VR booking process can allow customers to explore virtual hotel rooms, practice local sights and book a room flawlessly.