Connect your hotel to every travel agent in the world.

Optimise, Engage and Drive High Direct conversion rate with Jini Book

Connect to over 500,000 travel agencies around the world

We provide access to the major Global Distributions Systems (GDS) connecting your property to over thousands of travel agent terminals worldwide.

We utilize the most sophisticated technology available, making our connection to the GDS seamless next generation. Travel agents can access more accurate and up-to date information on your hotel at any given time easily and instantly.

A considerable amount of time and investment has been put towards programming this connection so that real-time updates are made available and accessible to you.

Seamless Connectivity

In the GDS world your level of connectivity matters. We offer the highest level of connectivity to the GDSs around the world which gives travel agencies the confidence to book your property.

Hotels have the ability to maintain and update availability, rates, and hotel information in real-time to all GDS systems from our extranet reservation system.

Easy Loadable Negotiated Rates

Through ReservHotel your consortia negotiated rates are listed in the GDSs.

If your hotel is or becomes a consortia member, you have the option to set your negotiated rate and availability for each consortia and thus thousands of associated agents.

We will automatically create the Request For Proposal (RFP) form. The single form will save your hotel hours of filling out extensive applications for each consortium individually.